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AUSTRALIAN BUSH Light Frequency Amazon Essence 10ml


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 Positive Outcomes:

  • Helps you to be aware of, tune into, understand and prepare for the immensity and totality of the massive changes that are happening in nature.
  • Strengthens our connection to the Elementals and the natural world.
  • Enlists new ways for our senses to perceive afresh, enabling us to comprehend, interpret and align to all the new energies being released.
  • Assists you to read and speak the language of nature.
  • Allows one to access a doorway to consciousness that is beyond matter.
  • Enables you to flow more easily through life, to be effective and active but not attached, building up your aura of love and acceptance.
  • Anchors the divine feminine and masculine within us.

Dose and Administrators

Preparation of Dosage Bottles
Place seven (7) drops of Stock Essence into a 15ml dropper bottle or fourteen (14) drops into a 30ml dropper bottle filled with 1/3 brandy and 2/3 purified water.

Recommended Dosage
Seven (7) drops on rising and retiring for a minimum of two weeks.

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One of the main aspects of the Amazon Essence is its ability to help you to be aware of, tune into and prepare for the immensity and the totality of the massive changes that are happening in nature.

The Amazon Essence is helping to activate our brain to function in new ways and for our senses to perceive afresh, enabling us to comprehend and interpret all the old, primordial energies being unleashed and coming up from the rocks, the water, the trees and from deep within the Earth. This remedy enables us to re-align to these very strong energies which are very different to what we are used to as they are a link back to the time before humans, before life.

Now is also the time for sacred sites and portals on the Earth, which have been closed down for a long time, to open and be released, along with a releasing of the very ancient beings’ memories that have been held in nature. This is liberating a great deal of stored knowledge, energy and information as Gaia is releasing the next level of wisdom. This is what the new children are tapping into and will bring through as well. The Amazon Essence assists us to read and speak this new language of nature.

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